Module 13: Epipelagic Zone

March 17, 2015 PowerPoint Honors Marine Biology Module 13 the Epipelagic Zone March 7, 2013

Study Notes:  Marine Biology module-13-epipelagic-zone-notes

The uppermost layer of the pelagic division is called the epipelagic zone. This is the area of water column that extends from the surface down to about 200 meters (650 feet).  This zone overlaps the photic zone. This layer of the ocean’s surface is where light can penetrate to  allow for photosynthesis.

The Epipelagic Zone

The Epipelagic Zone


  1. Take Module 12 Test
  2. Read Module 13 to page 317
  3. Answer OYO 13.1 – 13.7
  4. Study Guide Questions define a-d; 2-15
  5. Finish lab book:  Brine Shrimp
  6. Quiz:  Epipelagic Zone – See Study Notes for Module 13
  7. Class challenge: Share your favorite poem.

Have a good week! -Mrs. Smith

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