Module 12: Continental Shelf Communities – Part 2

March 3, 2015 PowerPoint  Honors Marine Biology Module 12 Continential Shelf Part 2

In most of the cold temperate areas of the world, hard-bottom shelf substrates are inhabited by large, brown seaweeds known as kelp. Kelp can grow quite tall (up to 30 meters) compared to other seaweeds. Kelp Beds create a third dimension to the hard-bottom communities, in the same way that trees create canopy structures in forests.

In Kelp Forests a canopy is formed when the kelp is tall enough to stretch from the bottom of the subtidal community all the way up to the surface. As a result, most of the kelp is underneath the water, but some of it is on top of the water as well. When kelps are not tall enough to reach the surface and form a canopy, the community they form is called a kelp forest.

If you have NetFlix watch Mike Rowe in Dirty Jobs as Mike gets dirty harvesting kelp to feed abalone. NetFlix:  Dirty Jobs Season 3 Episode 11


  1. What 2 items found in your kitchen contain Algae?
  2. Finish Reading Module 12 to page 303
  3. Answer OYO to 12.13
  4. Answer Study Guide
  5. Class Quiz:  Kelp Diagram
  6. Class Challenge: Famous Autograph

Have a good Spring Break! -Mrs. S

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