Module 11: Coral Reefs

February 17, 2015 PowerPoint  Honors Marine Biology Module 11 Coral Reefs part 1

Coral Reefs are home to an amazing assortment of organisms and are truly the underwater equivalent of a diverse rain forest.  Coral reef communities are found in the tropical climates of the world because reef-building corals need warm temperature in order to survive.  They are found between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn latitudes. This “band” around the earth receives a much larger portion of sunlight throughout the year than the rest of the world and has overall warmer climates.


Coral polyp diagram

See Figure 11.6 (page 265) Diagram of a Coral Polyp for the quiz.


1.  Module 11:  Read pages 269 to 280.

2.  OYO questions :  11. 7 – 11. 15

3.  Study Guide:  define:  d-e;  14 – 26

4.  Quiz on Coral polyp (Fig 11.6)

5.  Class challenge: Share the most unique thing about yourself.

6.  SeaPerch Team Leaders:  Remember to bring your project.

Have a good week! -Mrs. S

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