Module 9: Intertidal Zone – Part 2

January 20, 2015 PowerPoint:   Honors Marine Biology Module 9 Intertidal Zone Part 2 January 24, 2013

Congratulations to  Josh for the best recycle sub-woofer design. Honorable mention goes to  Bentton for participating in this week’s class challenge of best recycle design.

Josh recycled Subwoofer

recycled poncho








We continued to work on the engineering SeaPerch projects.  Remember Team Leaders are to set project goals to be accomplished for the next 3 classes.  (Note:  February 3 is our birding field trip.)

SeaPerch 3

SeaPerch 4








Last week we looked at rocky intertidal zones.  This week we will examine the sandy and Muddy intertidal zones.  They have no Rocks! These soft-bottom areas are in protected stretches of coastline or in areas where loose sediments have accumulated over time.

Sandy bottom Intertidal zone

Soft bottom ecosystems are  identified when the sediments are so loose that organisms can burrow into them. When the excess sediments accumulate, the wave action is usually not too severe; therefore different organisms inhabit these communities as compared to the organisms of the rocky intertidal. A community such as this is influenced by two major parameters:

  1.  Water movement
  2.  Sediment size and type

The substrate of a soft-bottom ecosystem is often unstable and is deposited based upon the amount of waves and currents that push it around.  Grains of quartz, volcanic sand and tiny bits of animal skeletons can all make up a soft-bottom community.

Experiment 9.1:  Examination of Intertidal Zone:  Mud Core Sample from  Siesta Key (North Bridge).  Complete lab and drawing.

Experiment 9.B:  Environmental Management Coastal Erosion Engineering Presentation 

Lido Beach beach re-nourishment: Sand was brought in from another area. As engineers it is your responsibility to offer design recommendations to the Sarasota County Commission for the retention of the sand.  Also consider the species  that live in the environment along the beach front.  (see PowerPoint) Write a good paragraph with well thought design suggestions. Include a diagram.


  • Finish Reading Module 9
  • Finish Module 9 OYO’s and Study Guide
  • Take Module 9 Test
  • Read Module 10 to page 247
  • OYO questions 10.1 to 10.4
  • Study Guide a-d and 2 – 15
  • Quiz on Sandy Bottom Intertidal Zone
  • Class Challenge: Best Cookies
  • Finish Labs 9.1 and 9.B Environmental Management
  • Notebook Check Through Module 9 January 27, 2015

Have a good week! – Mrs. S



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