Module 7: Vertebrates II

December 2, 2014 PowerPoint Honors Marine Biology Module 7 Vertebrates II Turtles

Congratulations to the winners of the twins class challenge.  Great Job!

Twins Casey and Chloe

Sarasota Bay is an estuary of national significance. Estuaries are places where freshwater mixes with salty water from the sea. Teeming with life, our nation’s estuaries provide vital habitats for 80 percent of the world’s fish and shellfish species.  Estuaries are one of our nation’s most valuable natural resources, creating more food per acre than the richest farmland.

Established in 1989, the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program is committed to restoring and preserving Sarasota Bay.  Sarasota Bay is one of the 28 estuaries in the United States that have been named by the US Congress as an, “Estuary of national significance. ”

Sarasota Bay Estuary

Sarasota Bay Estuary

Sarasota Bay is a coastal lagoonal system formed by a necklace of barrier islands to the west and the mainland of Manatee and Sarasota Counties to the east.  This coastal lagoon, with its unique ecological character of small embayments, tidal tributaries and small creeks, coves, inlets and passes, stretches from Anna Maria Sound to just north of the Venice inlet.  Even though the population has grown significantly in Manatee and Sarasota counties, the Sarasota Bay Estuary program is noted for  making the following progress in the last 25 years:

  1. Water quality has improved in all bay segments
  2. Seagrass beds are recovering
  3. Bay scallops have returned
  4. Restored wetlands and artificial reefs are creating new habitat for marine life
  5. Recreational fishing is excellent
  6. The community has upgraded wastewater treatment plants and initiated stormwater run-off prevention projects


Experiment 7.A:  Sea Turtle Identification

Draw the 5 species of Sea Turtles found in Florida noting special their characteristics. Identify why Sea Turtles are important to our estuaries and bays. Include as many turtle facts as you can.

Turtle Lab 1

Identifying and drawing Sea Turtles

Identifying and drawing Sea Turtles








Turtle Lab 5

The 5 Sea Turtles found in Florida are the Leatherback, Green, Hawksbill, Loggerhead and Kemp’s Ridley.

Drawing in Lab book

Drawing in Lab book      

Trace at work

Trace at work










  • Read Module 7 Pages 168-182;
  • Answer OYO: 7.5 – 7.12;
  • Study Guide: d-e, 13-28,
  • Finish Experiment 7.A
  • Quiz: ID the 5 Sea Turtles found in Florida; as citizens what actions can be taken to protect the species.  (See PowerPoint)
  • Class Challenge: Cutest Baby picture
  • December 9:  Notebook Check through Module 6

REMINDER:  I will be giving out mid-semester grade recommendations on December 16.  It is important to have all of your work completed for the notebook check next week.

Have a good week!  -Mrs. S

baby sea turtles

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