Shrimp Dissection

November 11, 2014 PowerPoint  Honors Marine Biology Module 5 Shrimp Dissection

Congratulations to James, “The Most Colorful.”  Sorry James, my phone is not working properly to include the picture.  I will do so as soon as I am able.  Next week’s class challenge as voted on is to dress like a Nerd.

We took the time in class this week to perform another dissection using a shrimp.  After watching a very detailed dissection of a crayfish, we proceeded.  I am posting the crayfish dissection first.

Go through the PowerPoint from class and perfect your lab book’s recording of the dissection. Include a description of  the shrimp, external and internal drawings with labeled parts (refer to PowerPoint), your observation of a particular part of the shrimp through magnification using the microscope.  I will check lab books next week.

I was going to have a notebook check next week, instead we will have a lab book check only.  Next, week we will also performing another dissection of a bony fish, so once again bring your dissection kits (if you have one), scissors and straight pins.

I sent out a notice for Trace’s missing lab book.  I am praying that is will be found quickly. Please agree in prayer with me.  I am standing on the following Word of God:

“For nothing is hidden except to be revealed, and nothing concealed except to be brought to light.”                                                                                     – Mark 4:22


  1. Read Module 6 pages 137-155
  2. OYO Questions 6.6- end of questions;
  3. Study Guide:  Complete to end;
  4. Finish Dissection Lab:  The Shrimp;
  5. Class Challenge: Dress like a Nerd;
  6. Quiz:  Shrimp Diagram;
  7. Next notebook check:  November 18- Lab books only.

Steve Urkel

We missed you Mr. Wilson.  Have a good week! – Mrs. S

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