Module 3: The First Four Kingdoms – Part 2

September 23, 2014 PowerPoint  Honors Marine Biology Module 3 – Part 2

We continued our discussion in Kingdom Protista’s multicellular Algae (Green, Brown and Red).  This Algae is also referred to as seaweeds.  They are multicellular algae and are all eukaryotic.  They have more complex structures and more intricate reproductive strategies than single-cell algae.  They are found on hard rocky surfaces, depths of 200 meters, and they form forests of kelp.  Seaweeds can influence the environmental conditions for other marine organisms by providing food, wave protection, and even a place upon which to attach.  They do not have true leaves, stems and roots like plants. Their body is called the thallus, which is the complete body of an alga, not differentiated into true leaves, stems and roots.  See Figure 3.6 (page 65)   Algae contain algin and carrageenan which are an emulsifying agent for food.  If you have ever eaten pudding, ice cream, or bottled salad dressing, you have ingested them.  Check out the foods, toothpastes that you use each week and you will be surprised to find many of these products contain algae!

In Figure 3.9 (page 69) is the four Basic Life cycles of Marine Algae.  Review this Figure before viewing the following Youtube below.

Next we discussed Kingdom Plantae which consists of Sea grasses that are completely marine, salt water march plants and mangroves.  Our lab, 3.B:  Sea Grass: Microscopic Observation of Sea Grass (Turtle Grass – Thalassia)   We examined and recorded the many different epiphytes that were on the grasses.  Here is a sea squirt that was observed on Turtle grass.

Sea Squirt 100x    Photo by Casey

Sea Squirt 100x
Photo by Casey

The Sea Squirt (100x) is the white circle on the Turtle Grass.









Check out these YouTube videos on sea grass.

Experiment 3.C:  Identifying Mangroves 


  1. Finish Module 3 OYO and Study guide questions;
  2. Complete Labs 3.B:  Sea Grass and 3.C:  Mangroves in lab book;
  3. Take Module 3 Test (Have parent grade it);
  4. Begin reading Module 4 (pages 77-87);
  5. Field Trip to South Lido Park next week.  Meet at School.  We will be leaving at 10:30 AM. and returning back to Sarasota Alliance Church by 1:00 PM

Have a great week! -Mrs. S   Manatee Picture

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