Module 14: The Deep Ocean

We have learned about the surface layer of the ocean: the epipelagic zone. As we continue our study of the ocean divisions, we will now investigate the deep ocean, where light is not abundant.  This area can be divided into two major regions:  The mesopelagic zone (200 meters to 1000 meters)and the deep ocean (1000 meters to 6000 meters and beyond).

Because there is so little to no light in these regions, organisms are specially equipped in their body design to live in this region and to find food.

MODULE 14 The Deep Ocean Study Notes

The Epipelagic Zone diagram






Honors Marine Biology Module 14 The Deep Ocean March 28, 2013

Great job with your oral presentations about deep sea creatures!  More about that in our next class.


  1. Take Module 13 Test
  2. •Read Module 14 pages 333 – 351
  3. •Answer On Your Own questions 14.1 – 14.11
  4. •Answer Study Guide questions 1 – 28
  5. •Notebook check on April 4 Through Module 13.

Have a good week! -Mrs. S



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