Module 13: The Epipelagic Zone Part 2

Our next field trip is scheduled for

 Friday, April 19, 2013

Hart’s Landing Fishing Tournament

10:00am to Noon

The Epipelagic Zone diagram

Compare these two diagrams so that you are very familiar with the terms:  pelagic, neritic, oceanic, photic and epipelagic.


March 21, 2013 PowerPoint Honors Marine Biology The Epipelagic Zone Part 2 March 21, 2013


  1. Finish Module 13 reading
  2. Complete OYO’s and Study Guide
  3. Quiz on Epipelagic zone
  4. Class challenge:  act out your favorite lines from a movie/TV
  5. Complete Poster from March 7th class

Have a good week! -Mrs. S

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