Module 12: Continential Shelf Communities

The continental shelf is a gently sloping area, beginning at a point near land, just below the low-tide mark.  It continues out to the shelf break, which is the outer edge of the continental shelf.  This area contains abundant quantities of life. Vast fishing areas are found here.  Coral Reef communities are located on the continental shelf. Let’s look at life on the bottom of the continental shelf. Using scuba diving equipment and underwater submersibles, scientists are beginning to learn more about the vast resources in this area. Oil and mineral deposits are found here, and nations depend upon many of the resources in this underwater zone.

PowerPoint:  Honors Marine Biology Module 12 Continental Shelf Communities Feb 21 2013

Ocean Basins (Part 1): Features of the Ocean Floor (Continental Margin)

Virtual Field Trip: Underwater flyby of Southern California’s offshore sea floor

Swimming Through a Natural Aquarium


  1. Take Module 11 test
  2. Read Module 12 to page 297
  3. OYO: 12.1 – 12.9
  4. Study guide: define a-c  questions 2-18
  5. Quiz: Continental Shelf Communities
  6. Class challenge: Famous Autographs

Have a great week! – Mrs. S


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