Module 11: Coral Reefs

Coral Reefs are home to an amazing assortment of organisms and are truly the underwater equivalent of a diverse rain forest.  Coral reef communities are found in the tropical climates of the world because reef-building corals need warm temperature in order to survive.  They are found between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn latitudes. This “band” around the earth receives a much larger portion of sunlight throughout the year than the rest of the world and has overall warmer climates.



February 14, 2013 PowerPoint Honors Marine Biology Module 11 Coral Reefs part 1



Each student made a different example of a coral.  Placing them altogether created beautiful and colorful reef.









  1. Module 11:  Read pages 269 to 280.
  2. OYO questions :  11. 7 – 11. 15
  3. Study Guide:  define:  d-e;  14 – 26
  4. Quiz on Corals and Coral polyps
  5. Class challenge

Here is an additional video on “CHASING ICE” that captures the  largest glacier calving ever filmed.  Amazing!

Have a good week! -Mrs. S

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