Module 10: Estuary Communities Part 1

We have discussed estuaries throughout the year and you should be very familiar with them.  In this week’s class we identified the five types of estuaries and showed examples of them from around the world.

Students used clay to model the five different types of estuaries.








PowerPoint Honors Marine Biology Estuary Communities Modular 10 Jan 31, 2013







The most likely cause of the formation of  some estuaries is believed to be formed during the Ice Age.  As the glacial deposits receded, the earth was scoured and estuaries were formed.

Next week’s class we will have a Photo Contest of Estuaries:  Take and/or gather pictures of Birds, Fish, or any other aspect of the area.  Each student will give a 5 minute presentation to the class of what they have learned about an estuary to include their photos.  You may select an estuary from anywhere in the world.


  1.   Estuary Presentation
  2.   Finish reading Module 10
  3.   Answer OYO and Study Guide

Have a good week! -Mrs. S

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