Module 8: Marine Ecology and Birding Field Trip

Honors Marine Biology Module 8 January 20, 2013

The lab we performed in class was plant and animal identification of Mudflat Ecosystems.  Make sure your lab book is completed.






1.  Observe, identify and classify and draw samples collected from a mudflat

A.  Macroscopic observation

B.  Microscopic observation

Crustaceans       Mollusk             Algae(Red,green, brownAscidian(seabread)

1. Porcelain Crab   Sand collar        Irish Moss (Red)            sea squirt

2. Spider Crab        Moon Snail       Codium (green)             sea bread

3.Horeshoe Crab      Quohog              Sea lettuce (green)

4. Mud Crab            FL Fighting Conch

5. Hermit                 Banded tulip

Drawings of each: (Include a drawings in each category.)

Birding Field Trip to Celery Fields

Thank you class member Matthew Press and Audubon Society Special Project Program Director Mr. Owen Comora both Audubon Society Celery Field Docents for helping us identify 21 different bird species last Saturday.  Your expertise made our field trip a success!  I hope that all of you that joined us last Saturday enjoyed and learned from this trip as much as I did.


Docent Matthew leading the way!





Mr. Wilson and Docent Mr. Comera





Marine Biology students Michael and Alena recording 21 different bird species.




Marine Biology students learned the Sarasota County has developed the Celery Fields into the world’s leading area for bird watching.





Adam and Micah bird watching.


  1. Read Module 9:   pages 211-226.
  2. Answer OYO Questions:  9.1 – 9.12
  3. Study Guide Questions:  define: a-d and questions 2 – 18.
  4. Complete lab on Mud Flats
  5. Class Challenge:  Your favorite cartoon character
  6. No Quiz for class on January 17.

Have a good week! -Mrs. S

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