Module 6: Vertebrates Part 2

November 15, 2012 PowerPoint Honors Marine Biology Mod 6 Vertebrates

Once again we dissected a bony fish in class (Mullet) to examine the internal organs. In addition we learned how to examined fish scales using a microscope to determine the age of the fish.




Dissecting and examining Mullet.







Alaska Purse Seine Fishing

Switching Gears: Surface Longlining in the Gulf of Mexico | Pew

Aquaculture system promises eco-friendly fish farming future

Mote Aquaculture Farm


  1. Complete Module 6 Test
  2. Begin reading Module 7 pages 159 – 168
  3. OYO Questions 7.1 -7.4
  4. Study Guide:  Define a – c ; 2 – 12
  5. Complete Lab of Boney Fish
  6. Class Challenge – Draw a picture

Have a good week! -Mrs. S

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