Module 5: Invertebrates II Part 2

We revisited our wet lab to Quick Point Park in class last Thursday. (See previous post) Mr. Wilson and I were very pleased that so many were able to make this lab.

In class we studied Phylum Arthropoda also known as “Joint – Foot”. This is a group of organisms that have literally taken over our planet.  There are more of this phylum than in all the other phyla in the animal kingdom combined.  Arthropods can be found in all types of environments in creation and are represented in the ocean by many species.  Marine Arthropods include shrimp, lobsters, barnacles and crabs.  All arthropods are bilaterally symmetric. Their bodies are covered with a jointed suit of armor encompassing not only their abdomens but also their appendages and mouth parts. Their armor is called exoskeleton and is made of chitin.   Arthropods must shed their exoskelton in order to grow.  This is called Molting.

Our classes had our I love lobster!very own lobster-persons!  Some of us loved lobster more than others.

Our class quiz will be on all of the parts of the lobster that was diagrammed in your lab book









Phylum Echinodermata  is exclusively marine phylum. (sea stars, sea urchins, and sand dollars) and they exhibit  Pentamerous Symmetry (See page 113 Fig 5.13). They have a Water Vascular system that is a network of water-filled canals in echinoderms, used for locomotion and feeding. In our lab we observed the oral side of a Sea Star particularly the ambulacral grooves of the arm noting the gills and tube feet.  Slide photo by M. Stanek.


  1. Take Module 5 Test
  2. Read Module 6 Pages 128 to 136
  3. OYO  6.1 to  6.6
  4. Study Guide Define a – e  and questions   2 – 12.
  5. Finish up lab book
  6. Class Quiz:  ID parts of Lobster 
  7. Class Challenge:  Make up a dance that has never been done before.
  8. Notebook check through Module 5.

Have a good week. -Mrs. S

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