Module 2: Life in the Sea Part 1

The judges had a tough job selecting the winners of the Poetry class challenge. Congratulations to Rachel and Nick and thanks to all of you who participated! Next’s weeks challenge is to “Pass it Forward” and I cannot wait to hear from all of you. I will pray that God will give you many opportunities each day to be a blessing to someone.

In order to exist, most organisms need three things:  water, oxygen and food.  Once consumed, these three components work together to maintain the body.  Before that can happen, however, they must be converted into chemicals that organism can utilize.

September 6, 2012 PowerPoint Honors Marine Biology Class 3 Module 2 Part 1

In our last class, we performed 3 different experiments that demonstrated how living things survive.  In Experiment 2.1 Photosynthesis, we observed how oxygen and glucose are created from green plants when light shines on them.









Experiment 2.A  Osmosis,  demonstrates the how salt water and fresh water react on cells that will either draw water in or out of cells.  We used the “potato fish.”  Look closely in the bottom right corner of the picture.



Experiment 2.B Environmental Adaptation, demonstrates how a fish will respond to a stressful change in its environment.  We observed the fish’s movements and respiration. I am happy to report all fish survived.









  1. Read Module 2:  pages 33 – 45
  2. Answer OYO questions:  2.1 thru 2.6
  3. Study Guide Define a – i and  Questions 2 – 7
  4. Complete lab book
  5. Class challenge – Pass it forward
  6. Wet Lab Field Trip on Saturday Sept 8 at South Lido
  7. Notebook check at our next class – Sept. 13

 WET LAB FIELD TRIP:  THIS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 AT SOUTH LIDO PARK. We will be working from 10am to 12 noon. (Go to the left side of the parking lot)  We will be collecting specimens for identification and recording into your lab book. Make sure you bring your Lab book and pencil, towel, sunscreen and shoes that can get wet.  Wear cloths that can get wet. Dress modestly.  Guys wear t-shirts. (2 piece suits covered with t-Shirt.)  If it is raining, we will still meet.  In the event there is lightening, the lab will be cancelled and check your email for further instructions.

Set up Lab book as follows:

Wet Lab Field Trip 1:  South Lido Park, Big Pass, Sarasota, FL     September 8, 2012        Temperature (air):                         (water):                             Salinity:

Using drag nets the following specimens were collected:

Additional Observations:

Have a good week! – Mrs. S






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3 Responses to Module 2: Life in the Sea Part 1

  1. Patrick says:

    What is our quiz on this week?

    • There is no quiz this week since we met on Saturday for the Wet Lab at Lido. However, make sure that your notebook (homework), lab book and Module 1 test are complete. I will be checking. Thanks for asking. Mr. Wilson and I are looking forward to seeing you in class on Thursday! Remember our class challenge to “Pass it Forward.” -Mrs. S

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