Module 16: Effects of Humans on the Sea

Over the last several weeks we have been finishing up our study of Marine Biology with field trips that have provided us opportunities to perform several labs on location.

On April 12 we visited South Lido Park and pulled nets off the shoreline.  As we pulled our nets through the sea grass we were able to collect many different specimens. Please make sure that your lab books for that day are complete listing and drawing all of the different sea life we collected that day.

On April 19 we again visited South Lido Park to study the vegetation found there.  In our first lab we plotted the growth of the different species of mangroves growing along the shore of the lagoon and  measured the areas that red, white and black mangroves are growing.  This lab  should document the growth patterns of the mangroves complete with measurements. We also identified the other vegetation at South Lido even tasting the pickle plant. It really tasted like dill pickles! We discussed Sarasota County’s eradication of  exotic trees, namely the Australian Pine tree.   You should also have a second  lab drawing and labeling the beach grass, vegetation, trees from the beach on the pass inland.

On April 26, we had the opportunity to tour Mote Marine’s Aquaculture facility.  Dr. Kevan Main, Director explained the mission of the facility and the research that is being conducted there.  We had the rare opportunity to see thousands 4 day old  Ukrainian Sturgeon hatch-lings (complete with egg sack ) that are being raised to  eventually harvest their roe caviar. The caviar is sold for $4000 per kilo!   We were able to see the next stage of 8 month old Sturgeons and all the tanks that house them and then the large 15 pound Sturgeons that were about to be ultra sounded to determine sex and the amount of roe they may have.  Dr. Main explained the elaborate filtration process for the tanks.  As we continued on our tour to the Snook spawning  tanks, Dr Main explained that they have learned how to simulate summer to increase the frequency of spawning.  Mote also raises red fish and we were able to see the Pompano tanks as well as the grasses and mangroves that are being cultivated.

Thank you Dr Kevan Main for providing us with a tour of Mote’s Aquaculture facility.  It was incredible!

We have taken a break from our homework assignment.  So your assignment is to finish up Module 16. Please have this assignment completed by May 10th.

  • Read Module 16
  • Answer all of the “On Your Own” questions
  • Complete the Study Guide
  • Make sure your Lab Books are completed
  • Take Module 16 test.  Please email me your grade when you have completed it.

Our field trip schedule is as follows:

May 3:      Quick Point (just over Longboat Key Bridge by the Chart House)
May 10:    Fishing Tourney at Hart’s Landing (You may use your own tackle and bait if desired)
May 17:    Last day of Class:  To be announced!

I still need one more driver for each of the field trips.

Have a great week!  -Mrs. S

“How calmly we may commit ourselves t the hands of Him who bears us the world.” -Jean Paul Richter

“When your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world.

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