The Epipelagic Zone Module 13

The Epipelagic Zone is the area of the water column that extends from the surface down to about 200 meters (650 ft). The area over the Continental Shelf is called the Neritic and the rest of the ocean is called the Oceanic.

The Pelagic Divisions of the Ocean

If you were absent review the notes from class before completing the assignment for next week.  MODULE 13 Epipelagic Zone Notes

A big, ” Thank You and Congratulations” go to Maggie, Annalee, Melissa, Rebeca, Andy, Taylor and Isaac for sharing their poetry with the class.   The following is one of the excellent poems read in class.


A prince charming i have waiting for,

love that would last forever more.

A guy who would love me inside and out,

one I cannot doubt.

A person who would never leave my side,

even with the going tide.

A heart filled with passion and love,

the heart beating as if it were a dove.

All these things and more is only something you could dream,

trial and error have led to tears like a stream.

True love is lost, they all say,

a feeling that only lasts till the end of the day.

I want something more I cry!

looking up with a sigh.

I softly hear a calming voice in the gentle breeze,

caressing my face putting me at ease.

His words pierce my heart and bring tears to my eyes,

everything I need to hear with no lies.

” I have long awaited you and your lasting love”

I hear him say

“I have created you inside and out

and you, I have sought.

My love and passion never has an end,

and your heartbeat will be just fine

As soon as you give it to me to mend.

All this and more I promise you is real,

look it up yourself in the love letter I have sealed.

I have kept all your tears safe in my bottle,

sorrow i feel, seeing my mona lisa losing her smile.

Can’t you see we are already down the aisle?

my bride I have taken you as you are.

I am the love of your life, the Only Prince Charming.

perfect I am, and your heart will never be harmed.

Now take my hand, it’s been here all along,

and even after death, we shall never part. ”

Written by,
Melissa Gervasio

Next weeks class challenge:  Dress as your favorite Super Hero (you could even make one up!)


Homework due March 1, 2011:

  1. Module 13  read pages 307 -329
  2. Answer On Your Own questions 13.1 – 13.15
  3. Study Guide questions 1 – 30

Have a great week and we will see you on March 1.  Mrs. S

“Nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God.”                  Romans 8:39




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