Module 11 Coral Reefs: Part 2

Hello all you Wavemakers!

In our last class, Morgan and Taylor demonstrated SCUBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) diving gear for us.  A big thanks to you both.

Morgan Belle in SCUBA gear

We studied the different types of Coral Reefs (Fringing, Barrier and Atoll).  We also discussed reef ecology  and the various organisms that inhabit reefs and their symbiotic relationships.   Class handout MODULE 11 Coral Reefs February 8

Homework due on February 15:

  1. Take Module 11 Test
  2. Read Module 12 Continental Shelf Communities pages 285 – 294
  3. Answer On Your Own questions 12. 1 – 12.6
  4. Answer Study Guide questions 2 – 16
  5. Define a – c

Remember there will be a notebook check (Notebook with completed assignments, Tests and lab book) on this Tuesday at the end of class.

Also our Class Challenge is:  Imitate your favorite comedian.  This should be quite entertaining!

We say, “Goodbye” to our classmate Angel Gardner as she is now attending Sarasota Military Academy.  We will miss you as a member of our Marine Biology class and for your many contributions and insightful comments and observations. May the Lord bless you with His favor and with great success!  Remember you are still a member of our 4-H group, The Wavemakers.    Mrs. S.

“A glad heart makes a happy face.”  Proverbs 15:13





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