Sarasota Bay Estuary Program

We are grateful to Sara Kane, Public Outreach Coordinator for the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program for speaking with our Marine Biology class on February 1, 2011.  Ms. Kane explained that the program is dedicated to restoring Sarasota Bay.  It also strives to improve water quality and has been successful in making significant water quality improvements.

Another goal is to increase habitat and enhance natural resources of the area for the use and enjoyment to the public. She explained that seagrass coverage has increased as well as scallops and oyster beds.

Creating Oyster Bed habitats in Sarasota Bay

Deployment of artificial reefs are further increasing fish populations in the Sarasota Bay and the Gulf. Because of the significant strides that have been made all Sarasota Bay waters now meet state water quality standards for nutrient pollution.

Artificial Reef in Sarasota Bay

Ms. Kane also shared with the class universities that have strong Marine Biology programs as well as the many potential job opportunities that are available to Marine Biology majors. She discussed how much she enjoyed diving and how different jobs call for scientific diving. Next week Taylor and Morgan along with Mr. Wilson will be demonstrating the equipment that is used to scuba dive. Several of you have inquired about learning to dive and we are looking into coordinating a class.  Contact Mr. Wilson at the 4-H office (941-861-9818) if you are interested.

Manatee (sea Cow) in Sarasota BayMs. Kane also described the many volunteer opportunities that are available to us from beach clean-up to planting beach grass.  If any of you are interested you may call her at 955-8085.

Thank you Sara Kane for speaking with our Class !

Manatee (Sea Cow) in Sarasota Bay





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