Finishing up Module 10 Estuary Communities

Our latest class has shown us the importance of estuaries which are semi-enclosed areas at the mouth of a river where fresh water and seawater meet and mix.  We closely examined our estuaries along the gulf coast of Florida, and in  particular how different factors impact our Sarasota bays and waterways.

We watched a DVD produced by the Sarasota Bay Estuary, “Our Water Heritage.” Next week we will have a special speaker from that organization speaking with our class.  We also watched a DVD on Florida aquaculture.  We plan on visiting the Mote Aquaculture facility in the spring.

Homework due February 1, 2011:

Take Module 10 Test

Read Module 11  Coral Reefs to page 268

Answer On Your Own questions 11.1 – 11.6

Study Guide questions 1 – 13 and definitions a – c

Remember our class challenge: A creative, crazy, best dance.  This should be interesting!



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2 Responses to Finishing up Module 10 Estuary Communities

  1. Colin says:

    Nice website. I thought we had a notebook check yesterday…haha

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